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C.A.T. Update!

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It took a while but finally a new update on C.A.T. the Taurus chassis of Chris Abel.

This chassis now went to the paintshop and Chris is finishing the last few details as we speak!

Some pictures to give you an idea how the truck is looking now:

Ced and Julians 316L Monster

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Cedric Smets and Julian Messent finished their project after 18 month of hard work!

They started from scratch and built a complete Stainless (316 L) spaceframe.

The buggy is powered by a Land Rover Td5 engine with a custome turbo and manifold and an automatic gearbox.

To handle all the power the buggy has 2 Spidertrax Spider 9 axles with High Pinion 9″ differentials and 40″ Super Swamper LTB tires!

They gave the buggy the first test at Mid Summer Madness in Ireland straight from the workshop and were very pleased with the result!

Watch out for this monster in the upcoming competitions!

D&G Buggies @ Croatia Trophy

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We are very happy to announce the good results from Nico Ladang and Peter Whitman and their co-drivers at the Croatia Trophy 2010.

They both finished this very tough edition of the trophy!

Peter Whitman was really pushing his D&G Spidertrax portal axled Humbug to the limit and was on his way to take the 2nd place overall! Unfortunately on the last day due to a roll the wheelstuds of the rear wheel broke off which which resulted in a DNF for the last day. This resulted in a 7th place which is still an amazing result!

Nico Ladang in his orange D&G buggy suffered with a three that damaged the cooling fan which meant that he couldn’t push the engine to the limit. Still he and his co-driver were able to get to the 11th place!

Congratulations to both teams with this great result!

Some pictures:

Croatia Trophy 2010: Day 1

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Today the first day of the trophy, we just got in a picture from the line up at the start.

As soon as we get more info, You will find it on here!

Croatia Trophy 2010: Live Update!

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It is again time for the amazing Croatia Trophy!

This year two of our customers take part at the trophy!

Peter Whitman and his Co-Driver Adrian Turner with the Yellow Humbug on Portalled Spidertrax Spider 9′s and Nico Ladang with his Co-Driver Ben Flamaing from team Off-Roadrunner with their orange D&G Buggy on spidertrax axles!

Of course we wish them both best of luck and will try to give you a daily update on their performances!

A few pictures we received this morning from Pete (the trophy only starts tomorrow so last checkups of the cars is done today!)

Spidertrax Spider 9′s take 2nd place in French Extreme!

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The X-treme Challenge organized by our good friend Gilles Girousse is one of the toughest challenges in Europe!

a D&G Tuning-twisted customs buggy managed to grab the 2nd place with the Spidertrax Spider 9 axles!

some pictures:

Congratulations with this great result!

C.A.T.: Update

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A lot of work has been done on Chris Abels Taurus the past few weeks!

As you can see both the front and rear axle are now installed. The rear axle is completely finished with the Radflo 2″ coilovers and 2.5″ Triple bypass shocks in place! In the rear C.A.T. will have a 4 link suspension.

On the front we are now working on installing the Radflo 2″ coilovers and 2.5″ and the HD steering box, as this Taurus will get a mechanical steering box and not the full hydraulic steering as we use on most of our competition trucks. Also the 4 link which we use on most of the tubular chassis will be replaced by a custom made 3 link with panhard rod!

In the back we also made a lightweight support for the huge ATL tank with a capacity of 100l. The ATL tank has a built in lift pump, high pressure pump and fuel pressure regulator!

Also in the cabin a lot of work has been done, the floor panels have been made, also the D&G Dashboard got installed so we  can soon start working on the electirical part of the truck!

More updates on C.A.T. will follow very soon!

FireAnt gets ready for the 2010 Offroad Season!

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Last few days we have been doing a few improvements on the Twisted customs buggy FireAnt!

To be even more competitive in the new season than before, FireAnt had a few major changes to the tubular chassis. Below pictures show more than words will tell. The chassis is being sandblasted as we speak an will get a complete respray! We also did a few modifications on the brake system and are VERY pleased with the result! (even with 44″ Boggers).

The list of events in which FireAnt (Stefan Pracht and his co-driver Dan Fabb) will participate in 2010:

Howlin Wolfe
12 June
12 September
7 November

XTC Series:
9 May – Cowm Quarry, Rochdale
15 August – West Harptree, Somerset
10 October – Kirton Off Road Centre, Lincs

DeCider Trophy
25-27 September

3 Peaks
25-26 October

20-21 November


Updates on all these events will off course be posted on this blog!

C.A.T.: Chris Abel’s Taurus

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As we announced earlier on our blog (click here to see post), Chris Abel and Jim Marsden have choosen for our Taurus tubular chassis with Defender look to use as a base for their new competition truck!

This weekend we started on the build of Chris Abel’s Taurus (C.A.T.), as you can see on the pictures, the engine (6l LS2 with gearbox and Atlas transferbox) are mounted in the chassis so the Land Rover front and rear bulkhead with truckcab roof could be installed by Chris and Simon who both came over to our workshop. The installed body panels give the tubular frame immediately the looks of real car!

As shown on the pictures, the snorkel is also installed together with some parts of the steering.

As we always try at D&G this car will be built with a high attention for details to keep the weight as low as possible and the truck as balanced as possible for both high speed events as technical challenges!

Follow this blog to see the updates on C.A.T.!

Tomcat Update: First test approaching!

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Again an update on our tomcat project!

This LS powered racing monster is getting closer to its first time out!

In the meanwhile we worked hard on it, all the welding is done, cabel loom for the engine is finished together with the waterproof display box with all the switches, gauges and fuses. All the brackets for the bodypanels, seats etc are also finished.

As you can see the Tomcat will have a huge ATL FIA approved fuelcell with a capacity of 170l!

Now we are rebuilding the vehicle unpaited to get it to Scruteneering for the Dutch offroad racing championship. After that it will get its first test, then it will be taken apart again to get it painted!

Next few days/weeks you will find a lot more updates on this projects on this Blog, so stay tuned!

Some pictures: