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The Baskerville Challenge 09: Humbug and Fire Ant

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Last weekend the Humbug had its first test at the Baskerville Challenge in North Wales.

Andy Chaplin, co-driver of Pete on the Humbug wrote a short report of the weekend:

After some very late nights and early starts at D&G Tuning we left with the humbug on friday evening for its first outing the baskerville challenge in north wales.

We arrive at the hotel at 1.30am and people come out to see the car at 7.30am we go outside to load our equipment for the day to find the car surrounded by people asking what things do how things work.

We start at stage 6 and it does take long for pete to get into the swing of 450 hp and he powers up though a boulder strewn gully we collect and power out of this section and into section 7 a steep hill climb we lost the front arb locker so we we just went for the power option and used the winch the winches are Gigglepin GP82 and now 24volt into 12 volt motors and pull like a ls2 at full chat. once we got to the top of the hill we fixed the arb hose which was a simple rerouting of the ARB air pipe to fix.

stage 8 was a very steep descent and gave us a test of the rear steer and the year winch both worked very well we collected the punches and got onto stage 9 a reverse winch down hill for 38mts pete just hit the winch button and descended using his rear steer all the way down collecting his punches on the way

stage 10/1112 went with out drama but for stage 13 it all ended up on the side then the roof and then the side pete was making lots of funny noises once he came to a rest we got him back on his wheels and on his way the only damage was a piece of lexon popped out the roof and peters ribs a little sore but he’s a big lad and he will get over it!

on to stage 14 last one of the day a rock crawl that was more like a few pebbles when you have 500mm of ground clearance then a 38mtr winch pulls followed by a long winch down and the a big rock crawl and then back to parc ferme

for a test weekend first time out the workmanship that D&G have produced id fantastic a brand new buggy completed 2 days in a very tough uk competition and is now back in belgium having a view tweaks

thank you to D&G and all help we have received in building this buggy!!

In the meanwhile the Humbug is back in our workshop for a last finishing touch, and we took the axles apart and are very happy with the result. After a whole weekend of tough testing, the new portal boxes didn’t had any problems!

Some pictures and a video from last weekend, thanks to “Alan” and “Kevin Thomas”.

The Humbug: Ready for the first test!

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After a few very busy weeks, the humbug was finally able to drive out of the workshop, ready for its first test “the Baskerville challenge” in Wales!

Some pictures of the finished truck, more pictures of the truck in the competition and a report on the event will follow ASAP!



The Humbug: D&G – Spider 9 Portal Axles!

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As you could see in earlier topics, the Humbug will be the first buggy using the Spidertrax Spider 9 axles in combination with the D&G Portal boxes!!

These Portal boxes are completely designed in house @ D&G 4×4 Tuning and bolted on the new Spidertrax Pro Series 60 Knuckle. The axle shafts are 300 M shafts with 35 splines with CTM U-J’s and the very strong Hi Pinion Ford 9 inch differential.

For the steering we have chosen for a complete HOWE setup for the front and rear axle (as the truck will have rear steering as well).

Below the first pictures of the axles ready to bolt on the Buggy!

Lightforce Promotion: Special deal on Striker 170

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Lightforce Banner

Available at D&G 4×4 Tuning, the Lightforce performance Lighting range with a special deal on the 170 Striker!




The 140 Lance –  € 215 / pair

The 170 Striker – € 225 / pair

The 240 Blitz – € 300 / pair

All other Lightforce products, such as HID lights etc are also available.

Please contact for more info and prices!

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11/04/2009 at 13:02