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Rolling Taurus Chassis available

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We do offer rolling Taurus chassis. This chassis is available with the next options:


1) CDS

2) T45

All chassis are D&G Tuning design and constructed by Protection and Performance and can be build to FIA specs.

The chassis accepts the Land Rover 90 body and the brackets for that are welded on the chassis.

All other brackets for suspension, link, sway bar, winches are in OPTION available.



1) 4 link front and rear with chromoly heat threated links with 107,182 lbs rated radial load rod ends!



2)  Front and rear Gigglepin radius arms with extended A-frame. With this setup you can run your Original Land Rover axles. You can also obtain for Spider 9 axles to run this suspension system.



The Taurus chassis  accepts tires up to 44″.  We can create 50° steering lock with 42″ and Spider 9 axles



For the moment we only work with 14″ travel 2.0″ or 2.5″ coil over shocks. Bypass shocks are also possible to mount on the Taurus chassis




The chassis accept any kind of engine type. Diesel or Petrol. 4cyl, 6cyl or V8. Automatic or manual gearbox. Any kind of transfer box with left or right hand front propshaft output. Most of the vehicle we build are with GM LS style engines, starting from 5.3L up to 6.2L.



Any kind of winch can be build on the chassis. Front, Rear or Center. Electrical, Hydraulic or Mechanical.

Most of the winches we build are Gigglepin winches



You can build your own axle on the chassis such as Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, Unimog, etc. We highly recommend to use Spidertrax Axles as these are build to accept extreme conditions and have been proven for years into the toughest competitions around the world.


Full Hydraulic with double or single ended ram. Steering box with assist. Front and rear steering












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11/27/2011 at 19:53

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D&G Waterproof Dashboard – Electrical parts

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As you maybe already noticed in the offroad projects we’ve built so far, we can offer our own design waterproof dashboards.

These dashboards are made of waterproof boxes  which can be installed in every kind of car.

The wiring is done with color coded cable, we have more than 60 colors available!

We also stock a large selection of switches, jumper fuses, relays and gauges!

If you want to upgrade the electrical part of your truck, we can offer you the perfect solution, from High Quality switches, fuses, relays and gauges to a full overhaul of the electrical installation of your truck!

For more info, contact us via

A selection of dashboards which we installed so far:

C.A.T.: Chris Abel’s Taurus

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As we announced earlier on our blog (click here to see post), Chris Abel and Jim Marsden have choosen for our Taurus tubular chassis with Defender look to use as a base for their new competition truck!

This weekend we started on the build of Chris Abel’s Taurus (C.A.T.), as you can see on the pictures, the engine (6l LS2 with gearbox and Atlas transferbox) are mounted in the chassis so the Land Rover front and rear bulkhead with truckcab roof could be installed by Chris and Simon who both came over to our workshop. The installed body panels give the tubular frame immediately the looks of real car!

As shown on the pictures, the snorkel is also installed together with some parts of the steering.

As we always try at D&G this car will be built with a high attention for details to keep the weight as low as possible and the truck as balanced as possible for both high speed events as technical challenges!

Follow this blog to see the updates on C.A.T.!

HOT News: Chris Abel and Jim “Gigglepin” Marsden confirm Taurus Chassis

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Hot news from the D&G workshop:

We are very proud to announce both Chris Abel and Jim “Gigglepin 4×4” Marsden confirmed they will be using a D&G Taurus chassis as a base for their new competition truck!

Of course you will be able to follow the build of these trucks on this blog!

In the meanwhile Chris Abel’s chassis arrived at our workshop straight from Protection & Performance. We are very pleased with the result and can’t wait to start the build!

More updates will follow very soon!

Some Pictures:

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02/06/2010 at 10:08

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Special deal: Twisted Customs Chassis!!

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Grab your chance to get yourself a Twisted Customs chassis!

Now available @ D&G 4×4 Tuning a 2 and a 4 seater Twisted customs chassis which you/we can build to your own spec!

We have one of each on stock which we can offer for the special price:  € 2.999 + VAT

For more info contact us @

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01/23/2010 at 13:16

The New D&G 4×4 Tuning TAURUS chassis is now available!

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Discover the latest product from D&G 4×4 Tuning:

The TAURUS Chassis!

This chassis combines the best of both worlds, meaning that you can enjoy from all the benefits of a full tubular chassis and still have the look of a normal car (Land Rover Defender).

The Taurus Chassis is completely designed in house @ D&G 4×4 Tuning and produced by Protection & Performance to ensure the best quality of our products.

Some pictures of the first Taurus chassis made @ Protection and Performance:

Protection & performance uses a CNC Mandrel Bender which is especially designed for rollcage production:

The Taurus chassis uses standard Land Rover panels (front/rear bulkhead, doors. roof, window) which bolt on to the chassis.

On the Taurus chassis you are able to choose from several different options such as suspension/axles:

  • you can use the standard Land Rover Defender trailarms/A-frame/springs/shocks or
  • use a 4 link front and rear with coilover shocks
  • re-use your standard Land Rover axles or go for the Bullet Proof Spidertrax Spider 9’s (other options also possible)

Chassis are available in both CDS and T45

Price of a complete chassis start at € 4.999

For more info contact us at

Lightforce Promotion: Special deal on Striker 170

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Lightforce Banner

Available at D&G 4×4 Tuning, the Lightforce performance Lighting range with a special deal on the 170 Striker!




The 140 Lance –  € 215 / pair

The 170 Striker – € 225 / pair

The 240 Blitz – € 300 / pair

All other Lightforce products, such as HID lights etc are also available.

Please contact for more info and prices!

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11/04/2009 at 13:02

Kaymar Sparewheel carriers

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Now available at D&G 4×4 Tuning:  Kaymar Sparewheel Carriers!

Kaymar 4WD Accessories design and manufacture the world’s leading range of rear bars, carriers and accessories for 4×4 vehicles.

The KAYMAR range of products are known for their versatility, functionality and durability accross Australia and the rest of the world!

Land Rover Discovery 3:

Kaymar’s Discovery 3 bumper is a steel replacement for the original plastic bumper.

A towbar is not incorporated into Kaymar’s bumper as the towbar is built as part of Landrovers chassis.

Original trailer plug and recovery point remain easily accessible.

Kaymar’s bar offers a full steel protection bumper following very closely to the lines of the original bar. As well as adding greater strength to the rear end this bar can also accommodate twin spare wheels or a single wheel carrier on one side and a single jerry can holder on the other.

Optional attachments such as a hilift jack holder, H/F aerial mount and telescopic light are also available.

Kaymar has incorporated fully ADR approved LED lights to comply with ADR lighting requirements. These lights are slim line and maintenance free.

Original equipment reversing sensors can be re-fitted into Kaymar’s bar.

As with all Kaymar carriers, the carriers are easily removed in about five minutes.

For more info on the Kaymare range do not hesitate to contact us on and check the Kaymar website for all other options and models !