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Fire Ant finds new owner

The famous Fire Ant buggy found a new owner! He became back to life after sitting in the workshop for some time.
The new owner finished 3 position overall on his first ride on the Belgian championship! Congratulations!
This fantastic event was organised by the Scorpion Challenge.
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08/03/2012 at 17:14

Spidertrax Pro Series housing

The first Pro Series housing in Europe.
On its way to Italy!

More info on:



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08/03/2012 at 16:50

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BF Goodrich Mud terrain KR with rims and internal beadlock

6 x BF Goodrich Mud terrain KR with staun Beadlock rims and internal beadlocks!

bolt pattern rim : 6 on 5.5″(nissan/Toyota etc)


98% of new

price : 2300euro incl VAT


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02/12/2012 at 19:45

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for sale: Stak 2 speed transfer case brand new

This Stak 4×4 transfer case is a 2 speed monster box.

This suits a TH350 -4WD gearbox.

The transfer case is brand new, right hand drop box, universal shifter,32spline heavy Duty output shaft, 1350 yokes front and rear.


high 1/1

low 3.75/1


price : 1500 euro incl VAT

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02/12/2012 at 12:03

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Rolling Taurus Chassis available

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We do offer rolling Taurus chassis. This chassis is available with the next options:


1) CDS

2) T45

All chassis are D&G Tuning design and constructed by Protection and Performance and can be build to FIA specs.

The chassis accepts the Land Rover 90 body and the brackets for that are welded on the chassis.

All other brackets for suspension, link, sway bar, winches are in OPTION available.



1) 4 link front and rear with chromoly heat threated links with 107,182 lbs rated radial load rod ends!



2)  Front and rear Gigglepin radius arms with extended A-frame. With this setup you can run your Original Land Rover axles. You can also obtain for Spider 9 axles to run this suspension system.



The Taurus chassis  accepts tires up to 44″.  We can create 50° steering lock with 42″ and Spider 9 axles



For the moment we only work with 14″ travel 2.0″ or 2.5″ coil over shocks. Bypass shocks are also possible to mount on the Taurus chassis




The chassis accept any kind of engine type. Diesel or Petrol. 4cyl, 6cyl or V8. Automatic or manual gearbox. Any kind of transfer box with left or right hand front propshaft output. Most of the vehicle we build are with GM LS style engines, starting from 5.3L up to 6.2L.



Any kind of winch can be build on the chassis. Front, Rear or Center. Electrical, Hydraulic or Mechanical.

Most of the winches we build are Gigglepin winches



You can build your own axle on the chassis such as Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, Unimog, etc. We highly recommend to use Spidertrax Axles as these are build to accept extreme conditions and have been proven for years into the toughest competitions around the world.


Full Hydraulic with double or single ended ram. Steering box with assist. Front and rear steering












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11/27/2011 at 19:53

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CAT wins Decider 2011 with D&G Taurus on Spider 9 axles

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Chris Abel did win the De-Cider Trophy 2011 with almost 1 hour difference!  Co-driver was Jim Marsden(

Also congratulations to  Philon Parpottas & Dominique Brione with their Defender on Spider 9 axles with a deserved 6th place.


His CAT with LS3 GM V8 engine delivering 500bhp had no problems over that weekend.
Entries were oversubscribed due to the increasing popularity of this West Country Challenge event held over three days which consisted of a timed night stage Friday night, 25 timed stages on Saturday followed by a tough 60 punch hunt on Sunday.

official website

Congratulations to Chris and Jim!

some pics with thanks to Adam Niesigh

some pics with thanks to Richard Watson

some pics with thanks to Garry Stuart


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11/27/2011 at 17:34

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Turnkey D&G Taurus For Sale!

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D&G 4×4 Tuning Taurus For Sale!

This is a unique possibility to get your hands on a turnkey D&G Tuning Taurus chassis!

This truck has done few events and is in very good condition!

the full Speclist of the taurus:

GM LS1 5.3l V8
370 PK
575 Nm Torque
Waterproof engine loom
Reverse Throttle body
Hooker LS1 manifolds

HD TH 350

Spidertrax/D&G Special 3 Speed: High, Low and Crawler
Selectable front, rear or 4wheel drive
Extra output shaft for PTO Winch

Spidertrax Spider 9 axles with Ultimate 60 knuckles and CTM Dana 60 UJ’s
35 spline halfshafts in 300M Steel
Hi9 Diffs with ARB locker front (incl Spidertrax uprated collar) and Detroit
locker rear
1350 propshafts with High flex U joints
Front and rear propshafts have the same length

Wilwood forged Dynalite calipers with Type E polymatrix pads
Dual Brake master cylinders

4-link front and rear, trailing arms F+R have same length!
Trailing arms out of chromoly steel
Fox 2 inch coil overs with 14″ travel
Fox hydraulic bump stops
D&G Tuning Sway bar with 15″ aloy arms – 32″ long

Tyres – rims:
38,5 Super Swamper Boggers with Steel modular beadlock rims

D&G 4×4 Tuning Taurus Chassis

Front: Gigglepin GP82 with 12V on 24v and 12mm Marlow
competition rope (Only the front winch is not included in the sale)
Centre: Superwinch EP9i with freespool
Rear: Warn 8274, 24v with 11mm Marlow competition winchrope

Custom D&G Fuel cell (120l)
QT competition seats
HD Bosh fuelpump and re-usable fuel filter
Full Hydraulic steering with Howe steeringpump
Polyest Land Rover Defender bonnet
custom made alloy radiator

You can find pictures of the truck on:…ith-tubular-chassis/

The price of the truck is 45.000 euro

For more info you can send an email to

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07/27/2011 at 12:15

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prolog results

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Well done D&G Tuning Teams!!!!

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04/29/2011 at 20:04

Chris Abel’s Truck is ready for race

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The D&G Tuning Taurus vehicle from Chris Abel is ready to take the competition.

READ THE ARTICLE :   Chris Abel CAT Total Offroad Magazine

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04/29/2011 at 19:35

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Chris Abel Testing his D&G Taurus for the first time!

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Chris Abel Testing his D&G Taurus for the first time!

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01/22/2011 at 19:51

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